Developing new skill-sets required for new roles in the future market


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AstroLab is the first fully equipped FabLab for social innovation in Athens, Greece. AstroLab creates opportunities for affected communities to participate in the next industrial revolution through training and skill development, research and development (R&D) and start-ups that leverage emerging technology.

Our vision is to democratize access to technological advances, to enable self reliance.

Access 3D scanners and printers, CNC milling and routing machines, wood-workshop and laser and vinyl cutters.

Core value of the utilization of Odyssea’s makerspace is devoting it to the support of social impact projects of various individuals, who are seeking access to fabrication tools and know-how.

Through our offerings, we seek to serve makers, students, organizations, and entrepreneurs; we are interested in ideas, initiatives, and enterprises that push boundaries and have the potential to shape a radically better world.

We focus on:

Research & Development
Healing Through Making
Open Access to Tech
Collaboration with Universities
STEAM education for youth