Our Business Incubation Scholarships help people set up their own start-ups and new businesses in Greece.

About the Scholarships


We believe that entrepreneurship and business creation are vital to true, long-lasting integration of vulnerable groups across economic, social and political dimensions. We support hard workers with big ideas, original thinkers, dreamers and businesspeople to develop their concepts and realise their potential regardless of their racial, social or economic background.

Odyssea and Alba Graduate Business School, the American College of Greece, have created an entrepreneurship training program, tailor-made for our beneficiaries and their needs. We aim to provide a platform entirely adjusted and built around the realities of vulnerable groups for entrepreneurial minds who want to draft a successful business plan. By accessing a network of established entrepreneurs and being granted a mentor for one year, beneficiaries will be able to develop, plan and test their ideas, and apply for financial support.

Our Business Incubation Scholarships are funded by NextFab Foundation.

How it works

1. Register – Fill in an application form here. We encourage applications from teams of 2-3 people

2. Get accepted – Successful applicants are informed of their placement on the program

3. Basic Business Training – 16 hours of training in basic business skills provided by Alba

4. Ideation – Workshop your ideas, perfect the concept and make it a reality with your mentors and fellow students

5. Incubation – One year of business incubation with Alba, including 28 hours of coaching, seminars, mentoring and technical support

6. Launch – Start trading! Take your business from idea to reality

7. Continued support – Ongoing entrepreneurship support from Odyssea with our co-working spaces, Makerspace, Employability support and other facilities and services.

More than 97% of all enterprises in Greece are composed of 3 people or less.
More than 8% opened their business just in 2019.

Who can take part?

Our incubation program is open to teams of 2-3 people who want to start their own business and have some experience in their sector. Criteria to join are:

– Good English language skills

– Dedication to participate with no (or very limited) absences

– Means to attend online classes, such as an internet connection and, preferably, a laptop (although a phone or tablet can also be used if necessary)

– Some related expertise, such as technical / sectoral expertise and the experience and ability to implement an idea

– Openness to being coached and mentored, to accepting constructive criticism and to contributing helpful feedback of their own

– Openness to work and co-exist with people from other cultures, backgrounds, religions, genders, etc.

Register for the program here


The Alba Graduate Business School, the American College of Greece, is considered one of Greece’s most prestigious graduate business schools. In addition to training, Alba also provides start-up and entrepreneurial incubation through the Alba Hub for Entrepreneurship and Development (AHEAD).

Our partnership with Alba provides our beneficiaries with some of Greece’s leading education and incubation facilities and opportunities.

Find out more about Alba here.