Developing new skill-sets required for new roles in the future market

Odyssea Academy offers intensive educational courses that can reinforce creativity and community engagement and support experimentation that drives innovation. Odyssea’s training courses are shaped upon the market needs to reinforce our beneficiaries’ professional absorption.

With our new approach to technological tools that guide beneficiaries from design to production, our Academy participants develop valuable hard and soft skills while boosting and developing their capabilities on making things and producing a project.

Odyssea’s workshops aim to create the necessary platform for hands-on education. The digitization of design, computed aided manufacturing, robotics, communications, and distributed computer networking have been continuously shifting innovation processes towards automation.

Odyssea’s ultimate goal is employment generation in Greece.

Odyssea’s Academy is built to assist vulnerablel communities in the development of new skill-sets required for new roles in the future market. Training and skill development, research and development (R&D) and start-ups that leverage emerging technology are part of the next industrial revolution.