Odyssea’s vision is to democratize access to technological advances, to enable self reliance, fulfill basic needs, and accelerate efforts towards a more inclusive society

About us

Odyssea is a Greek non-profit organisation founded in early 2016 by Jai Mexis and composed of a dynamic group of social entrepreneurs, architects, engineers, finance experts working together to develop innovative models and solutions to systemic social issues. Odyssea aims to promote a balanced interaction between excluded host and guest communities through targeted education leading to new roles in the future labour market.

Odyssea’s FabLab for social innovation, AstroLab has been supported by Dr. Evan Malone, Founder of NextFab and NextFab Foundation, as well as, the Ascend initiative. Odyssea is also part of RoW, a network of social entrepreneurs operating through a decentralized governance structure, united by a common theory of change.


Bridge global and local resources in open innovation, vocational education, participatory design services and entrepreneurship, with and for excluded communities.


We offer free intensive educational courses assisting participants from vulnerable groups to develop valuable soft and hard skills for advancing their professional careers.


We engage youth through STEM education and targeted skill development training, aiming to bridge the gap between mainstream universities and the labor market.


We connect our trained beneficiaries with quality employment opportunities either through our network of successful companies or by assisting them in the creation of new enterprises.


We empower through providing essential learning tools to increase self reliance and raise their absorption within existing and future markets.