“Pollution is nothing but the resources we are not harvesting. We allow them to disperse because we’ve been ignorant of their value” Buckminster Fuller

Our Vision

Lovest Vision is to demonstrate how a poignant environmental and societal problem can be converted into symbol of positive change and solidarity.

Our Mission

“We create opportunities where society sees problems”

Lovest is a Greek upcycling social enterprise started in early 2016. Its purpose initiated with transforming the non-degradable materials that are a by-product of the refugee journeys to the Greek shores, into unique products of value. Lovest employs local vulnerable populations, refugees and Greeks alike in the manufacturing process. From the profits of it’s sales, it funds various social impact projects, such as equipping an Mobile Medical Care Units for areas in need.

The life-vest served saving the lives of the refugees in their journey, this very material is used to further support them in the difficult context they have now found themselves in. Using this material as a basis for the first series of products of Lovest, we strengthen it as a symbol of solidarity. Following the same determination these people striving for a more humane life, we aspire it to become a global symbol of activation.

Completing 100,000 life-vests cleanup operation in Chios island


  • Clean-up jobs created | Chios | 90 | short-term
  • Production jobs created: tailors & management logistics personnel | In relation to 6 month production cycles:
    11 people | Based on a production of 9,000/6months (1,500 products/monthly)
  • Revitalizing small textile industries (migrants & refugees): 5 to 10
  • Product Sales: up to 15,000 pieces (e-shop, retail & wholesale customers)
  • Countries with direct collaborations (product – raw material sales, influential people) : 12
  • People Trained: 60
    (skill development: high-level sewing, packaging, sales)
  • Fund of various social impact projects: 3
  • People touched: 500+ (educational workshops based on up cycled materials + improving life quality – large scale activities at the refugee camps)
  • Raise awareness: 50.000 people + (globally)