The ethos of offering help to those stricken by austerity is paramount


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Nectar Agapis


We offer new approaches and values, provide help to navigate societal life away from the destructiveness of austerity, constant economic growth resulting to ever growing inequality, and cynical apathy.

Through self-organization and collaboration we work towards activating more citizens. Reappropriating the label of solidarity by increasing critical ability, reducing prejudice, building tolerance, and promoting through all our actions an openness to diversity.

Our activities are based on three main pillars: Food for everyone: the basic necessity of life. Medical care for those who cannot afford it. Education as a means to a more fulfilled life, through education about democratic values, skills and participation.

The work initiated for two years by Odyssea and inspired by Allos Anthropos, has been enriched by the creation of Nektar Agapis, supported and facilitated by the same core group of people in a larger space near the port of Piraeus. The activities have expanded involving:

Each week, we prepare, cook and distribute approximately 800 meals.

Its of high importance to share and understand the perspective of the people that found themselves in these circumstances by providing targeted psychological support, key to empowering them to alter their realities.

More than 100,000 meals have been distributed the last three years.

We support 100 greek families by providing a biweekly a box of essential food and cleaning supplies.

A mobile medical unit has been refurbished, equipped with medical instruments, certified, and ready for action.