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Olon Architects

We use design, architecture and the creation of social enterprises as tools for relieving poverty and transforming the quality of people’s lives. Only 5% of our built environment in the world is planned, the rest 95% is unplanned or informal. In Odyssea we aim to serve adequately communities and groups that do not have access to design services. We include means of participatory design to support social change and empower people.

We like to develop concepts with such an approach that suggest a sustainable model. Our design methods place the main focus in the context of circular economy by reinforcing synergies, serving the upcycling model of production and reducing manufacturing and building footprint. We work with partners on projects that aim to support and drive the local economy while affecting social change. We engage local resources with priority to vulnerable people. Our purpose is to ensure high quality projects, of various scales, while at the same time maximize social impact. Alongside a number of partners and our involvement in post-graduate education, we are engaged in research which seeks to push boundaries and challenge how we work.

Our services apply in the fields of design & build of educational spaces around the world.

This includes designing FabLab’s for social innovation in location in the Middle East and Africa or schools within Europe but also as far as Nigeria and India.

We also place special attention to designing quality products. From the conceptual design stage to a prototype and a product ready for production.

Innovation is a key element to our work, be it in design and construction or through new enterprise and development models.

Our experienced team deliver projects in close collaboration with the local communities we serve, looking carefully at local resources, climate, culture and skills, to ensure high quality construction standards and maximize social impact. Working with others creates a platform for shared learning. Through our projects we encourage the teaching of skills and ideas, helping increase local knowledge as well as our own and equipping people to build better. We also run school programs, lectures and exhibitions, engaging people in the EU and overseas in our work. If you have a project that could benefit from our unique approach to practice, please do not hesitate to contact us.