A journey to Unity

Odyssea’s vision is to democratize access to technological advances, to enable self reliance, fulfill basic needs, and accelerate efforts towards a more inclusive society

This is what we do. Today.


We believe that creativity has the power to inspire humanity

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Developing new skill-sets required for new roles in the future market

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Provide intesive targeted trainings tailored to realistic job oportunities

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The ethos of offering help to those stricken by austerity is paramount

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XENiOS | Visual dialogues of people from different cultures

In recent years, and due to intense socio-political pressures, flows of refugees and economic migrants looking for a safer future are steadily rising. The movement of people beyond their natural setting is also a movement of cultures (a movement of all the characteristics determined by history, myths and traditions) and…

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18% of trained beneficiaries were job matched

After successfully completing our first cycle of courses (April-July 2018) we succeeded to job match 18% of our beneficiaries. Our team works intensively on the identification of beneficiaries from diverse vulnerable groups (50% refugees and migrants, 50% vulnerable Greeks) with skill-sets and talents that could be evolved further through our…

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We are currently looking for applicants on our upcoming intensive woodworking course that leads to job positions. Applications are closed.

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Meet the team

Jai Mexis
Founder CEO Odyssea
Anna Zoakou
Fundraising &  Project Manager Odyssea
Manolis Papadogiannis
Head of Finance Odyssea
Antonis Kiourktsis
Head of Design Odyssea
Loukas Oikonomakis
Technical Manager Odyssea
Mariefi Tranopoulou
Communications Officer Odyssea
Marialena Kemerli
Project Assistant Odyssea
Janette Mensah
Field Officer Odyssea
Paul Umunnakwe
Field Officer Odyssea